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Solar Photovoltaic Panel Testing and Certification: An Overview

Like other electronic types, solar photovoltaic panel modules go through thorough testing before the installation work. These tests are important in establishing the performance and quality of solar panel testing and certification under various environmental factors. You should also understand that the solar photovoltaic panel testing, and certification processes help in establishing whether solar panels have met quality safety requirements. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about the common testing certifications for solar panels in the industry today.

Why are solar photovoltaic panel testing and certification vital? You need to know that solar photovoltaic panel testing, and certifications are important when it comes to checking the quality and safety of a module. You need to know that solar photovoltaic panels ought to have a long lifespan when properly built and installed properly. A solar photovoltaic panel ought to produce energy for more than 25 years. As such, you are assured of getting value for your money when you invest in solar photovoltaic panels. To make sure that you have properly invested in solar photovoltaic panels, making sure that you have hired solar photovoltaic panel testing and certification services from the right experts will help you in determining the performance and the quality of your preferred solar photovoltaic panels.

With solar photovoltaic panels becoming common every day, a good number of states, local governments, and utility firms have come up with new mandates to make sure that the solar photovoltaic panels being produced are meeting specific certifications. The same scenario applies to other solar incentive programs. If you would like to participate in a state-funded incentive program, you need to check whether there are specific testing and certifications for your preferred solar photovoltaic panels.

What are the common solar photovoltaic panel testing and certifications standards? Well, when looking at solar photovoltaic panels spec sheets, you will realize some bunch of acronyms and some random numbers that have been listed under safety and rating certifications. What do they mean? Here are some of the most popular solar photovoltaic panel testing and certifications to check when comparing different solar photovoltaic panels.

IEC: International Electrochemical Commission. You need to know that IEC is a nonprofit that determines international assessment standards for several electronic devices, including PV (Photovoltaic) panels. However, you need to know that IEC doesn’t only test and certify solar photovoltaic panels alone but makes sure that they have determined the standards for other testing facilities to make sure that they are adhering to the quality of solar panels.

IEC 61215: Standards for Crystalline silicon terrestrial PV modules. You should know that IEC 61215 is one of the important testing standards for solar panels used for residential purposes. If a solar photovoltaic panel has met the IEC 61215 standards, this means that the solar panel has achieved several stress tests and can perform better when it comes to quality and safety.

In winding up, the other term that you would love to understand is Standard Test Conditions (STC). Well, when solar photovoltaic panels undergo performance testing, the processes are done at fixed laboratory conditions called Standard Test Conditions (STC)

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